I provide a way for Independent Practitioners and Owners to fluidly run their business with assistance, but without the hassle of retaining employees.



What's Being Said in the Seattle Community


"Over the past year Haile has been instrumental in taking my thriving private practice to an inclusive group practice. She is very self driven and when given a task she excels at independently accomplishing it. She is a self-starter and provides a 'can do' attitude in the office suite and is a crucial contributor to the office fluidity. She has a strong organizational eye which facilitates the creation and implementation of systems as well as making the entire office experience more pleasant for everyone. She has excellent interpersonal skills and successfully navigates all types of interactions ranging from clients to sublettors to interviewees and newhires. She is known to go above and beyond, even assisting after scheduled hours to ensure the job is complete. " 

Anna Hedly Goeke, MA, LMFT, CGT


1(808) 937-1425

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